EP02 Mary’s Gone Wild

EP02 Roadside Attractions, Wilmington NC, and Muddled Strawberries

A road trip has lots of substantial components. New sights, new adventures, and new memories with friends. Often you end up in places you never expected to be, yet you learn something very valuable about life. This past week, we ventured off of Long Island to escape the grey for a bit, and headed down to the southern part of North Carolina. We lived temporarily in a beautiful beach house, in a classic seaside town, Wrightsville Beach. Our abode was steps from the ocean, and offered us the opportunity to take some time to ground ourselves barefoot in nature while watching the sun rise and set in an extremely eye appealing environment.

The quaint, yet bustling riverside town of Wilmington was full of food and drinks and people and an overall positive energy. The architecture was absolutely stunning, both in town, and along the streets lining the outskirts. It was seemingly the epitome of southern living us northerners are deprived of. We sometimes envy those that get to live in little country side Victorians, ocean side raised homes, or classic country town apartment lofts above scenic streets, but we do love New York, it’s home.

Speaking of home, Wilmington is home to the set of so many film and television recordings. Our favorites, One Tree Hill and Dawson’s Creek had a bunch of spots in town. We visited the Oceanic Pier and the 6th Street Bridge from the opening credits of both shows, and of course participated in photo shoots to document our time there. But apparently there are over 400 other filmed scenes, which we were impressed to find out about. Apparently Wilmington, and its surrounding beach hamlets, are referred to as the “Hollywood of the East” and we kind of wished we had spent some more time investigating the situation to visit more places, like scenes from I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Who knew a typical road trip down I95 South would open our eyes to something so, well, extremely interesting? We recorded this episode of our podcast prior to our visit to Mary’s Gone Wild, an indescribable adventure and we regretted it immediately. As we passed it on the road, tears of laughter, fear, shock, or all three began to stream down our emotion filled faces. Our reactions to this menagerie of life, as we will probably never know it, exposed us to part of our world that is strangely set pretty much right under our noses, but too often we don’t realize it because we are looking elsewhere for entertainment. Roadside attraction does not even begin to describe to eccentricity of Mary’s Museum, and we’re not even sure that there are words to portray the experience. So, if you ever get down to southern North Carolina, be sure to take a second to peek at this perpetual collection of things you didn’t need, but turned out to be the foundation of an empire.

What you will hear, however, is a classic conversation between friends. Typical girl talk at its best. Our content quickly shifts from religion, to drinks, to food, and of course the opposite sex. If you were wondering what it might be like to be a fly on the wall of a girl’s night in, take a listen. And let your imagination take you to the places we opted to eliminate from our session. Somethings are just too good to release to the world.

Edit: The episode was good. And we’re not just saying that. It was too good actually. And because of that, it has been abducted. It’s gone. Forever.



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