EP03 You Gotta Keep Your Head Up

WLB EP03 hashtag black cloudIn the high vibe-alicious words of our favorite, Andy Grammer, “Life is a Journey…Drop Your Worries…You are Gonna Turn Out Fine.” You just gotta live. And that’s what we do. Fill every second with an experience that is worth a memory. But sometimes things don’t go so smoothly. Life isn’t always rainbows and glitter, we are well aware of that. One of the things that we try to do when life gets us down, is to find the brighter side of the situation. And in the midst of mayhem, we can now laugh it off more quickly due to our acceptance of the life we live: #blackcloudlife. There isn’t an adventure that we go on that does not have some battle involved. Now, we are not talking end of the world problems, but, you know, stuff that comes up presents itself as a road block. Happens every. damn. time. From delayed trains to forgotten tickets, to fraud alerts on debit cards, we face these little challenges with a smile. Don’t get me wrong, we are human, so the maniac comes out first with a little freak out by her side, but then after a short breathing session and some self-talk down off the ledge, we manage to hashtag that bitch of a problem and move on with a smile.

We know we are not the only ones, pretty sure this hashtag black cloud life is better known as Murphy’s Law in laymen’s terms, but regardless everyone deals with obstacles. It’s what life is all about, there are lessons to be learned along the way, and sometimes those lessons are presented as problems that we have to solve. So if you are reading this, you’ve made it! You’ve tackled the line men and jumped over hurdles. Give yourself some props! Hopefully, you, like us, have figured out how to see these in a positive light and expect and accept the challenge! This weeks episode is guided by the #blackcloudlife as we discuss some of the issues we have come across in our adventures. We sing, we talk, we drink some Blue Point, but most importantly we beg you to stay along for the ride!

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