EP04 Someone is here.

EP04 High School Haunts, Harder For Girls, and Mirrors that FilterLife teaches us some pretty valuable lessons. This week we learned a couple of good ones. Number one, when you are sitting in a back room telling stories of what could’ve been a paranormal encounter, lock the front door. Number two, good friends are hard to come by, so be sure to treat the ones you have with love and respect, and give these friendships the energy they deserve. And number three, coffee spiked with the girly version of Baileys is pretty damn good!


We learned that a local Patchogue establishment has a magic mirror that makes you look beautiful, no matter what! Apparently it is what we decided to call a pre-Snap, in real life filter. Regardless of how you looked when you left the house, one look in this mirror on the back of the bathroom door, and your day becomes fantastic, because you look A-MAZ-ING! (I have yet to experience this phenomenon, but from what I’ve heard, I need to get myself one of these mirrors!) High school seems to find us everywhere, especially in P-town, so it’s important to be frenemy ready-and this mirror will give us the boost of self-confidence we need to go out and put our best RBF (resting bitch face) forward!

We also learned that we can learn a lot when we force ourselves to sit and talk to people. These conversations that are intended to get people talking, sometimes boomerang and cause some introspective analyzing. So not only do we get to learn more about people, we also get to learn a little about ourselves. Post conversation, we found ourselves reflecting not on the things we said, but the things we did not say. We are inviting people to come on this journey with us and we expect them to reveal some personal stuff, yet are we sharing to the extent of what we expect from others? We do not. Why is that? Why is it okay for us to want more from people than we are willing to give?

It’s funny how inhibitions constantly get in the way (even with a dose of truth serum). How setting up a couple microphones and a computer can cause anxiety towards what is intended to be a casual conversation between friends. What are we all so nervous about? Girls tend to take things more personally than their male counterparts, and we get all freaked out when there is really nothing at all to be nervous about. In the back of our brains, I think there is a luring feeling that someone, somewhere may be a little too critical. And no matter if you’ve been out of high school for a year, or more than ten, it still hurts a little.

I think we will be doing a little self soul searching this week, and hopefully the outcome will create a more creative, vulnerable us, allowing you guys to get in on our dirt. We will consult with our inner most feelings, our guardian angels, and the black shadows that remind us that someone is always around. And hopefully guiding us in the direction we need to go. While we are listening to the signs from beyond, we hope that you will keep listening to us. We are having some fun, and would like for you to have fun too!


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