EP05 “I’m Dying” Is NOT a Pick Up Line

EP05 Law of Attracting the Negative, Planes, Mans & Oxygen Tanks, and Never Doing That Again

Sorry guys, but there are a couple of things we don’t want from you. First of all, when did dick pics become a thing? It’s annoying. We don’t need unsolicited images of what will never be. Why on earth did someone decide that sending images of aroused (or not) genitalia was cool? And ladies, stop giving shit like this attention. We can’t think of any other reason why on earth has it even continued to be a thing!?

Another thing that needs to stop: using ailments as a come on. Like come on, who the hell wants to hook up with someone who might keel over mid-bedroom sesh. Seriously, it’s not cool. Although neither of us have ever had this happen, according to our guest this week, apparently it is a thing. I get the whole new age feminist movement is in play at the moment, but that does NOT mean that we are all of a sudden Florence Nightingale wanna bees. Many strong females still have (us included) a little romance left in our hearts that kind of likes when a guy is the one on top. Opening doors and carrying heavy boxes is still attractive, and sorry, that can’t be done while your dragging your oxygen tank and using your free arm to lean on your roller-walker. So enough of that. Stop trying to pick up females with fake sicknesses, it makes us sick.

We are not saying that it is totally the guys’ fault. In fact, this week we discovered that we are pretty powerful beings and it might be us who create these dating disasters. We discussed the “Laws of Attraction” and how we can use our minds to manifest things like magic. So maybe, just maybe, we are manifesting these maniacs who think coughing up a lung is cute. If we really are that powerful, there is something that we are not doing right, but what is it? Are we just being taught some hard life lessons? Is it part of our karmic contract? Or alternatively, is the other side is just playing a big fat joke on us? Whatever it is, we are honing in on our powers and focusing on all the cool characteristics we want the people who come into our lives to have.

Being that our skills haven’t yet been mastered, there have been some disasters. Some bigger than others, but definitely worth drinking about. Ha, drinking A LOT about. So while you are out there thinking about what you might want for your life, be careful not to alter your manifestations with second guesses or mind games. Hey, maybe we are subliminally requesting all the crap that’s being sent our way. The only thing that we know for sure is the liquor is only open til 9, and sometimes that’s late enough.



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