EP06 Two of me is better than one.


EP06 Alter Egos, Brown Outs, and 75 Snaps

The question of the day is who has a drunk alter ego? I mean, by nature, alcohol changes us. That’s why we drink it, right? I could go around all day pounding water, but the only thing that’s going to accomplish is 27 trips to the bathroom. But a couple of shots of Fireball and BOOM, we are a whole new group of people. So yea, we all have drunk alter egos, but how many of us give them names? I mean, it makes total sense, the sober you may be inhibited, soft spoken, responsible and intelligent, while the drunk you is none of the above. Are we really two people in one and after a little C2H5OH do our chemicals become that imbalanced that our personalities split? If our alter ego contains all the characteristics that our regular being does, then it might be the total opposite of imbalance altogether. Some intelligent ancient civilization, who managed to build massive structures without machines, also created alcohol. Did they know that we needed a release from ourselves every once in a while? Because of them we can now balance ourselves out every once in a while by consuming some magic liquid that allows us to be someone else. An escape from our normal, everyday, redundant selves.

But who are we? And WTF do we become? Because sometimes, frankly we can’t remember. Granted, this is not your “responsible drinking”, but hey, it happens to the best of us. So, we learned this week that there is a lower level of the “black out” drunk that over comes us. This slightly less dramatic state of drunkenness is officially referred to as the “brown out” stage. This is when you do not have complete memory loss, but like an old puzzle, there are pieces missing, leaving an incomplete picture of the shit show that probably ensued. We can put most the pieces together by combining our own sporadic memories, adding in the help of witness accounts, and of course social media post-all 75 of them! Opening up your SnapChat account the morning after will probably result in a side squint grimace, not because of the hangover headache, but because reliving the unknown hurts a little.

Black outs are a whole other story. How the hell does that even happen? We’re not talking about the pass out black out here, but rather the “I fully functioned and don’t remember a damn thing” kind of night. It has us in a stupor actually. We are kind of scared. Are we taken over by aliens or the supernatural. Do we become so much of another entity that we open ourselves up to having someone or something use our body like a marionette? Ahhh, the questions, we know, but where do we find the answers? Well, definitely not from our friends’ alter egos, who are too busy pinching asses and trying to pawn the acts off on us. Or taking way too many shots during a pre-game sesh that they end up going missing and passing out your number to boys requesting nudes. They are all too busy living the life right next to you (or behind your back- but that’s a whole other story). All in all, everything is in good fun, as long as no one gets hurt. And thankfully that has never happened. So cheers to the friends that get us looks from cute boys, and texts that may or may not contain nudes.
Until next time!

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