EP07 Peter Pan ain’t got nothin’ on me

EP07 His Story, Alabama Slammers an Hidden Drives

Or maybe he does. We don’t know. But what we do know is that growing up sucks. And growing up the oldest female of the household sucks even more. If girls rule and boys drool, then why the heck was it so hard for us to get away with anything, yet our younger, male counterparts pretty much slid under the radar? From sneaking out, to hiding booze in their closet, to getting hit by cars- wait, what?! Yup, hit by a car. After sneaking out, and stealing a bike out of a neighbor’s garage. Not until about a decade later were the deeds revealed. No consequences issued (besides a bruise and broken cell phone). Was it because our parents were just too tired so many years later, or was it because boys can pretty much get away with anything they want? Sounds nostalgic, but the funny thing is- even as adults, we still fear our parents finding out the truth about what goes on when they aren’t looking.

Adulting is hard, but it can be fun sometimes too. We have responsibilities, yes, but we also have opportunities.  Like opportunities to go on adventures. Charleston, South Carolina is a destination for fun. They have 160 bars and restaurants. Yes! ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY. Insane. There is also an ice cream van that sells booze infused pops. And converted churches that serve drinks! Southern brewed beer, specialty cocktails, and Alabama Slammers around every corner, literally. There is even a dueling piano bar! It’s a place that is definitely going on the bucket list. Maybe while we are there, we’ll get to see the J. Crew donning, white collar, trust fund kid get his ass kicked for indulging in his little big man syndrome bitch fit. Ha. A well deserved beating is always a pleasant spectacle. Hope he had an Uber waiting as a getaway.

Speaking of Uber. LOL. We had an experience. We have to start secretly recording the Uber seshes, because sometimes- like a bad dream- the details slip away when we put our feet on the ground. There are some winners out there. I guess they let anyone with a Cracker Jack driver’s license to put passengers in their cars. At least we got a story out of it. Wish we were really in London though. Here’s a little piece of advice though, don’t ever settle on the first driver you see. Swipe left. You might be pleasantly surprised.


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