EP09 I asked for this

WLB EP09 Loyalty, Disconnect, and When Your Guest Becomes Your Ex

It was all manifested, I know. I did it to myself. We all do. We get what we ask for, we just might not realize it. A few episodes back, you might remember, I mentioned how I was desperately worried about missing my flight home from Texas. Well, that happened. Among a number of other things that I don’t remember putting out to the universe-like getting physically assaulted by a crazy lady on the platform at Jamaica while I was waiting for a 1:10 am train home. Yup, 1:10 am. The crazy was pissed she had to roll her rolly suitcase down the stairs because the elevators weren’t working. According to her it was all my fault and she wanted me to know it. At that point I had enough of the black cloud day, so I calmly told her-“don’t do this”. And miraculously, and almost dream-like, she listened. She walked away. Mumbling her crazy mumble, but she walked away. Phew. Can I just go home now?

My big girl pants (and the tee shirt that I stole from my brother) got their wear in that day. They’ll be going back on the shelf for a while. You will hear that I missed a flight, lost my stuff, had a panic attack, and got knocked out. But there is a ton missing. Black out. We recorded it, the computer said fuck that story and deleted it. I couldn’t tell it again. So just imagine the most obstacle laden, eye rolling, running, waiting, sitting in the center seat multiple times kind of day-and throw in some extra shit-and there you go. I won’t label it in a negative way, it wasn’t the trip from hell, it was an experience. And now I have something to talk about.

Just like the song says, everyone talks. Especially when they know something you don’t. Thing is, they usually don’t know what they are talking about. And when it gets back to you, it kind of hurts. Being left in the dark by someone who you thought had your back, well to put it bluntly-SUCKS. Is there such a thing as girl code, or are we all out to get ours? I would like to think that I can rely on my girls to have my back, but apparently I have to keep my guard up with them as well. Which, to put it bluntly, SUCKS. Guys suck, now girls suck?!? WTF?!? I don’t want to do it, I do not want to jump on the whole “who gives a shit” bandwagon, because I want to give a shit. I want to love, and learn, and feel like I have someone to lean on. But the more and more I see people doing their own people dirty, the harder time I have giving anything. And, well, that SUCKS.

Unfortunately girls, I have to warn you, watch your back. Watch out for the men who don’t give a shit, and apparently you now have to watch out for your friends too. Because no one gives a shit anymore. And that is this week’s dark lesson. Who cares?!?

If you could answer this for us, we would love to hear from you. Reach out, if you’re out there. Let us know. Can we care, or should we say IDGAF and move on. We are considering playing the game, but that kind of goes against everything we stand for. So fill us in, we are looking for answers and hoping that someone somewhere has them for us.





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