EP10 Aren’t we a little too old for this?

WLB EP 10 Big ass summit, ghosting, and Summer Bucket LIsts

Ugh. I never thought I would say that, but seriously it’s true. Come on guys, enough with the game playing. In a world where everyone is eagerly chasing the things that they want, why can’t we just be honest?

Take celebrities for example, there’s been a ton of hype about things that have been going on in their world for the past week. Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump meet to discuss prison reform. Drake has a secret love child that he never wanted. Rosanne is a racist. But again, let’s be honest, do we even know what is going on in their worlds? We think we do. We take what we see, and what we hear, and we put those things together and formulate the truth. The truth, ha. WTF does that word even mean anymore.

Life would be a lot easier if people just said what they mean. Just say it. Duh. You love me? Say it. You hate me? Say it. I’m too much for you? Just say it! The whole who gives a fuck movement is a hard learned lifestyle, and I’m not ready to give in just yet. So We’ll take the good with the bad, the pleasure with the pain, and the comes with the gos. Just be honest with us along the way.

This week we contemplate over what we really want. And we are still contemplating. Do we want what we want, or do we want what we think we are supposed to want? One thing we know for sure is we do not want ghosts in our lives. Either stick around, or tell us you are leaving. The insecurities created from the absence of answers is too much to bear. Cardi B, the tough mother lover that she is, even admits to those feelings of self doubt. So the ding dong ditch game, well, it’s getting old. So grow up a little, because we are a little to old for this.

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