EP11 When wrong things go right

WLB EP 11 Follow the Signs

You just have to go with it sometimes. It’s crazy how, on many occasions, in retrospect you look back and say, “I should have seen that coming”. This time, instead of looking back, we looked ahead and tried to avoid that inner conversation all together. And frankly, it worked out perfectly. We followed the signs this time, and were led to an experience that will never be forgotten. Instead of having a repeat experience, we traveled to a little nook,  in our very own state, and lived our best life -WITH ALIENS!!

Yes, you read right, MF ALIENS. Little did we know, they come in all shapes and sizes. And they are magical creatures, with powers you probably can only dream about. We left our aluminum foil hats at home, and used their ability to read minds to summon them to earth. And guess what?!? They came! No really, they came. There’s more than stars in that sky up there. You better believe it!

It was a series of road blocks that led us on this adventure, and we are now-in retrospect- glad they were there to lead us to a world we never knew existed. We met some great people, saw some crazy ones too, but all in all it was something we are glad to check off the bucket list.

Although the road initially seemed long and hard, it ended up being out of this world (pun intended). While many say, don’t forget to stop and smell the rose (oops, we mean, roses), we want to remind you to take a second every once in a while and stop and look up. You will not be disappointed. It is beautiful up there. And you never know what you might see. Climbing mountains, well, it isn’t as hard as it seems. But the Hudson, it is as dirty as they say. So, next time you see the sign, follow it. You will be led on an adventure, we are sure you won’t regret.


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