EP14 What would you do?

I mean, it’s easy to say what you think you would do, or what you expect other people to be okay with. That’s the thing about life, although we are put on this earth to figure shit out, sometimes we have no faith in our choices. We are said to have a moral compass, but who’s to say what is really right or wrong? Not us. We honestly do not know what the fuck we are doing. Unless of course, you want a literal interpretation of what we did.

So we did some stuff. We attended a very Boujee benefit for the Boys and Girls’ Club. Brushed elbows with some celebs and potential sugar daddies. We got to meet Ralph Macchio in the flesh! Yup, the original Karate Kid, Johnny, and currently Long Island native with his own YouTube exclusive show: Cobra Kai. Total fangirl situation went on that night! Stay Gold-just sayin’. Boujee was cool, but those bartenders, man they could mix our drinks anytime. Again, just sayin’.

To keep with the theme of the week, we also attended a very bizarre Boujee concert. As you all may know, we (big) heart Andy Grammer. And we would like to apologize for the torture he must have had to endure putting on a show for the most boring viewers we have ever come across. As the self-proclaimed (10 years and counting, and more shows than we can count) biggest fans, we truly felt bad for you Andy. We know how much you vibe off of the audience and we failed you. So here’s our formal apology, we are sorry we couldn’t make them dance until it was almost over. We managed to do it, it just took a while. Thanks for coming though, we love you.

We also pondered some of our typical topics, lying (and this week it was one of us-oops), cheating (or is it when you have permission?), and of course drinking (summertime calls for some new drink recipes). And we are kind of soliciting your opinions and thoughts on these topics. So feel free to reach out and tell us how it is. We would love to know, and possibly have you show up for an episodic discussion! Find @wineliarsand beer on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat to keep up with our daily shenanigans and keep in touch!


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