EP16 Looking for what?

Seriously, what are we looking for? Last week we started talking about our lack of love-life, and the week before that we were so satisfied with the lives we live. WTF?! We couldn’t answer that for you. Except for the fact that we are surrounded by people…couples, that look like they are living the life. So what is the life? We do pretty well as a couple of single girls, but a little love never hurt no one, right? Well. We have no freaking clue because our walls are up and our doors are locked.

Okay, up until now. We are ready. We are going to get out there and look for something fulfilling (hahahhahahahah) okay, just kidding. We are going to go out there and look for something. Trial and error. We got some feedback both way. Personally, we’d rather do it the old-fashioned way- introduced by friend or hoe- but 2018 tells us we have to go about it a different way. Unfortunately. But it’s all good in the hood. We’re going to take it slow. See how we like the people in cyberspace first (probably secretly hoping some prince charming will come and save us before we take the plunge), and if we don’t-we do it for the story. LOL.

Stay-tuned. If we weren’t a hot mess as it is, we will become some this week. We promise. It will be a sight to see. Or a story to tell, or whatever, just don’t go anywhere.

Short, sweet, perfect.


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