EP18 Be nice for what?!


Well, because everyone deserves it, at least a little. It’s time to start being a little bit more humane to our fellow earthlings people. The level of judgment has reached universal peaks, and we really need to start giving a shit about others’feelings. Time to take a step back from the reverse camera and look at others IRL for a minute.

Don’t be so quick to judge. For one, everyone is crazy. Seriously. Because no one is like you. And when someone’s quirks are a little different than yours, or you notice some behavior that you would never catch yourself engaging in- do you really ever stop to think how they might see you? Probably not. We have all become egotistical maniacs. We think everyone should rise up to meet our standards. If someone doesn’t have the right haircut they get the left swipe. We no longer take the time to get to know anyone because there is no such thing as a fourth date. There is no longer compromise or learning to live with something a little, well, crazy. But I bet if you looked a little, you would find you are borderline insane too.

And the fact that by date three you know everything you need to know in order to D.O.A. a relationship that hasn’t even had the chance to become a relationship is kind of bonkers. We can’t blame this one on the blood moon because it’s been going on way before Mercury set itself in retrograde, along with all the other five planets it’s brought along on its regressive ride. It’s time to give people a chance. Look beyond the photos, staged or selfie. There are nice guys (and girls) out there. Really. And it’s time to start learning a little about them before you decide that they’re no good.

Speaking of nice guys, what the fuck with people being nice being a negative trait. I can’t agree with my co-podster on this one. She can have her bad boy, but I would prefer someone actually care if they are going to shatter my heart to pieces. Again, this is nothing new either. Girls have been chasing the douche bag since caveman times, as we discussed with our make counters at 6th borough podcast last week, and I guess some of us just haven’t come out of that trance. But me, well, I think it’s awesome when someone is as nice as I am, or at least tries to be. Some say it’s the challenge, others say it’s the excitement (a.k.a. DRAMA), but I say it’s all still too damn complicated. Just want to find me a boy who will hold my hand and my attention, and I’ll give him more than three dates before I decide he’s too crazy (because too nice doesn’t exist in my world).

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