EP20 Is this UBER or slug sex?

And is there really any difference. With Mercury and all those other planets still in retrograde, our lives are going crazy. It’s not often we feel like we get the upper hand in a situation because our passive aggressive tendencies always lead us to bad outcomes from what we thought were good decisions. Ugh. Who are we kidding? We rarely make good decisions.

Especially when it comes to slugs. Apparently, slugs are pleasure seeking organisms and have some magical capabilities, both IRL and figuratively speaking. These gastro-something mollusk species have the ability to lure in a partner and totally infiltrate them with their crystal blue persuasion. Sounds like a little Breaking Bad action is going on. Originally thought to be one of our spirit animals, after some investigation we have come to theorize that these slugs are really just shape-changers from outer space. These alien beings come down to earth disguised as these snail/slugs, whatever, hang out on our porches and then turn themselves into bad-boy looking humans that make us want their… well you know.

Like every other manifested situation, we somehow were able to prove our theory (almost) accurate when our podcast was infiltrated by one of these exact SLUG beings. I think we made the right decision, and hopefully, a real Uber made it to the party.

So pack your hoe bag, don’t let the shiz trails fool you, and live your best life. Until next week, happy slug sexing.



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