EP21 Riding Along in my Podcast Mobile

WLB EP21 Riding along in our podcast mobile

If podcasting and driving is wrong, we don’t want to be right. In this episode, we are on the run, literally. After a spontaneous camping trip, that in itself has many adventures, we had no option but to do a sesh in the car.

The weather this week has washed away the heat wave, and apparently parts of our brains as well. We had so much to say, yet were so distracted that we forgot to say it. During these little micro storms, we bunkered down and waited for the world to end. Big question is, if a second Big Bang actually came into play, where would we all end up? Are we prepared for what’s to come? Do we have a plan? I can tell a good story, but do I really have game when it comes to surviving an apocalypse? Probably not.

We pulled a lot of manly duties this weekend, found out I have super strength. I mean, I know it was always there, I use it on the regular, but for real, I think I could actually be the man in the relationship. And yes, a relationship with a man. The thing is, that’s probably not a good thing. But I’m not exactly sure. Do men like a girl who can hold her own, plus some? Or would they prefer a damsel in distress type? We wish we had all the answers, yet we know shit. Except we know how to dump shit. Yea, that happened as well. Everyone poops and the poop has to go somewhere. Apparently, it doesn’t take the ride home with us.

But you can. This week you get to experience girl talk from the inside of our vehicle while towing our house on wheels. Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review on iTunes and YouTube and follow us on Instagram for daily drama.

Thanks for listening! We love you to the beach and back!



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