EP22 A hot dog is not a sandwich.

Just in case you were wondering. And since we got superbly distracted with the instantly gratifying interaction with our guest this week (for starters she brought us ice cream sandwiches and WINE!), we never really got an answer to what is the true definition of a “sandwich”. But we did get a glimpse into the life of a food blogger, and food is our second favorite thing in this world.

Our first favorite, no- it’s not alcohol, ugh- is our daily mantra. Live your best life. Adventure is our middle name, and we are always down to do something that will land a solid page in our memory books. Like we use the quest for the next best drink to lead us down our adventurous path, Sam uses food- sandwiches mostly- to fulfill that rally cry. And so far her pursuit has led her to some of the most fabulous fares. I mean, who doesn’t want to try a donut grilled cheese at some point in their lives? My God, it would be a tragedy to never have experienced this delicacy. And life, as we have mentioned numerous times, is something you truly have to grab by the phone booth. Wait. What?!

Yeah. I said it. Go down to the LES, get a hot dog at Crif Dogs and make a phone call. You’ll see. Life. In an hour and a half, we have become sandwich connoisseurs. Okay. Maybe not quite there yet, but definitely in the apprentice stage, and added a slew of day trips to our ever-growing bucket list. And we’re especially excited that we have a new partner in crime to join us on our shenanigans. Sammie and us, well we’re going to be BFFs for life!

Do yourself a favor and head over to her Instagram to witness some drool-inducing experiences @sammieswithsam. Your food porn obsessed alter-ego will love you for it.  Especially after a thirst Thursday or Fabulous Friday or Margarita Monday or Wine Wednesday or Tequila Tuesday or haha you get the point! And while you’re at it, if you haven’t done so yet, visit us too @wineliarsandbeer on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter. We’d love for you to subscribe, rate and review Wine Liars and Beer on iTunes and YouTube as well.

Love you guys ❤ Stay thirsty and fill your food cravings!

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