EP23 We’re Goin’ Down, Down

Or getting down. One or the other. We have been on a record-breaking concert binge this week. It all started with Aubrey, my God he is beautiful. But that’s beside the point. The argument exists about his talent as a rapper, but one thing he can do is rile up an entire arena of 18,000 people to the point where the place is in constant motion. And I’m not just talking rollies in the sky kind of motion, but literal concrete jungle sway of MSG. Like 9.9 on the Richter Scale kind of bounce. If you didn’t catch Drake while he was in the Big Apple, we are insisting you go hunt him down in a close town (or state) and see him NOW. We are actually in contemplation mode to go and stalk that mother f*cker. Well, you know, the legal way of course.

Lil’ Uzi Vert and G-Eazy were a blast at the beach. We didn’t catch any rays, but we sure caught some contact high. Amazing how G-Eazy it was to inhale some trees when all that was in attendance at this show was a bunch of 13-year-old white girls, whose parents surely did not watch them walk out the door. What are those? It was hard to watch the show when the performer is less entertaining than the harlequins in the audience.

When you’re on the train to the Biggest Show on Earth (cough cough Drake) and your BFF gets a phone call that she just won Front Mother F*cking Row tickets and a Meet and Greet for Fall Out Boy. Guard your penis Pete Wentz, these girls may get a little frisky. I mean it’s hard not to get excited when you’re on a winning streak (or around Pete from FOB). They were on fire, literally. We almost were too. When you’re front row and Pete’s Bass shoots fire? It could happen.

Last but definitely not least, Gavin DeGraw. We fangirl over this guy hard. He is not only an amazing performer and super talented musician, he is A-mother-DOR F*ck A BLE. (She what I tried to do there?) He sets the city on fire. And starts a little fire in us if we’re being completely honest.

Another week, another wicked good time. To get the full deets, listen to episode 23 below. Don’t forget to slip into our DMs, and try to avoid the drinking babble, just give it to us straight. We like it like that.




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