EP24 Don’t judge a book by its cover…

WINE LIARS and BEER EPISODE 19We have heard it over and over again…hell we have even said it to other people…DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.  Well here we are…judging.  What is the attraction to Post Malone?  Now we aren’t talking the whole package including fame and fortune but the actual physical attraction.  Spending some time listening to his songs, I can definitely tell that many of his lyrics (when you actually take the time to figure out what he is saying) come from personal experiences but that tattoos on the face, no shower for days look just isn’t doing it for me.  But for some reason there are many girls…and guys…out there that find this look attractive…I mean who are we to judge right?!  

Speaking of judging books by their covers….who couldn’t use a little side hustle in their life?  I mean come on, we all love to have that little extra spending money in our pockets.  It’s not the decision whether you want the extra cash money, it’s more like what are you willing to do to get it?  Many of us can agree, we bust our asses all week so we need a side hustle that isn’t going to take much effort and thinking.  We also want to find something that is more on the legal side of the law. I guess? Ha!  Since the Fifty Shades of Grey series came out erotica literature has become more and more popular.  But did you know that these intense, super-hot novels come in the form of audiobooks, as well?!  Side hustle idea…sounds easy right?  Well, we have pretty much proved that idea wrong!  Let me tell you…the authors of these books have a pretty crazy vocabulary selection!  “..lavishing my breasts with attention…his sex was quivering…delicious noises of pleasure as he plundered her with his tongue…giving me a full view of my slutdom…”  Ok, ok…you get the picture.  Honestly, could you imagine sitting down and recording yourself reading lines like this…without laughing or feeling embarrassed? I guess you could say that we aren’t made to read erotica novels out loud for our side hustle.  Back to the drawing board for this one…

To understand what the heck we are thinking, listen to episode 24 below.  Let us know what you guys think of PM and any ideas you have for a side hustle!  We are pretty much willing to do anything…


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