EP25 Defense Mechanisms, Davinci and Dropping the Ball

We drop the ball. A lot. We overlook people’s potential, we choose fun over responsibility, we avoid adulting at all costs. But one thing that we do not err on is having a 6th sense for assholes. And there’s an asshole allegedly lurking around my neighborhood. So what is the best thing to do when in possible danger? Call in an expert of course. We may be strong, single, independent females, but we’re not morons.  We are well aware there are times when it’s good to have guy friends, especially ones who can help out in a time of distress. Not that they always come through, but for the most part, we can rely on the male counterpart to at least guide us in the right direction.

Like giving us the common sense low down on how we should not be walking around like we are invincible. There may be a time when we need to defend ourselves and honestly, at this very moment, neither one of us would know what to do in a dire situation. And frankly, we are not always (ahh I’m speaking mainly for myself right now) aware of our surroundings.

This week we discuss some self-defense strategies, which would be the best route for us to learn them, and why we should be at least a little bit prepared for when it all goes down with our friend Davinci. I claim to be the opposite of defenseless, but I think I might be mistaken. Life may seem like a big bowl of fun and games (I don’t watch the news), but in reality, there is shit that hits the fan in this world and we should know how to deflect it.

We also have some non-alcoholic fun with a round of FEAR PONG! I think this may be my new favorite version of the game, with or without a buzz! Listen in to this week’s episode to hear all about our competitive nature gone wild!

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