EP27 Rolls, Rollin & No Dough

We all have our vices, and you’ve heard about plenty of ours. But we’ve added a couple to the list this week. Recently I came upon a quote and realized there’s a reason there’s a stairway to heaven and a highway to hell. I think we may be going to the latter. We will probably run into a lot of our comrades down there, and be happy with a perpetual tan, but we hope that’s not all that will be available.

Another one bites the dust I guess, or cucumber avocado rolls with a large side of fried rice, whatever you’re into. Apparently, we’re into things we didn’t even realize. I have no idea what went on, or down, but I know we tried to win some big bucks and lost, so our bank accounts did not go up. This blog is as confusing as our conversation this week, so just try to keep up.

We triple XXX’d on this episode, and it’s not what you think. Try to listen in between the mouthfuls of gluttony and questions we want to be answered but can’t seem to get them out.

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Keep the DMs and emails coming too! We love you guys. Until next week!

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