EP 28 Boys are Bizarre and We are from Venus


Stay far, far away from me. I could be very dangerous. Not like I’m going to physically hurt you or anything, but apparently I have mind fucking capabilities. I may or may not manipulate you into thinking something I don’t really mean. Let me clarify that, oh wait, I can’t, and that is precisely the problem. With Venus in retrograde (we know, WTF is this?) shit’s about to go down. Again. We can’t figure out what it is the universe has against us, but once again the planets are completely aligned to screw up our love lives and confuse the heck out of us.
With Venus in retrograde, as ironic as it sounds, we are not to look backwards. However, our horrorscope read to reconsider someone from the past. It’s like a scene out of a bad erotic novel. Yes, we know, terrifying. Just like the fact that 2018 is almost over and we are still stuck in the middle of a rock and a who knows.
The only solace we have is that Venus retrograde doesn’t last forever, and it will give us some time to sit back and self-reflect. You know, because we’ve been so busy filling our calendars with relationship stuff lately that a well-deserved break from it all will only do us good. And yes, that statement was heavily laden with sarcasm. Hopefully, because men are from Mars and women are from Venus she’ll go easy on us for the next 40 days.



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