EP 31 I’d Netflix and Chill You So Hard

ep 31

But I’m not really into Netflix and doing someone’s boyfriend. Unless of course, you’re going to give me your Black Card and the safe, but most of ya’ll have a net worth the size of a pea and can’t even afford a safe. So the only Chill you’ll be getting from me is a cold shoulder because just like every other damn week, Boy’s MF Suck. Except for the ones we can’t have. But that’s a conversation for another time because one of us landed a possible partner for cuffing season, but there are some concerns. Age might just be a number for some, and it really might not matter to others, but realistically speaking, it can bring up some questions. How different, when numbers are concerned, is too different? Is it okay when there is a significant age difference? What about when the guy is the younger one? Is it possible to have an actual sustainable relationship after the thrill of the honeymoon season is over? Do we make excuses and find ways to self-sabotage on the regular? Hell yes. Do I think this might be one of those situations? Abso-fucking-lutely.

And I just want to add a little comment in here. We discuss the hotness of the outfit, and one of us totally digs grey sweatpants and hoodie for at home dates. However, it was the first (realish) date and the appropriateness of this outfit was debated. Personally, I feel that it is never appropriate to show up in sweats, but I must say, I may have been wrong. Today, while doing some adulting (ugh, I know) there was a male specimen checking out on the line next to mine. And yes, I was CHECKING HIM OUT. He was extremely pleasant to look at, with groceries consisting of about 100 eggs, multiple cases of water, stacks of tuna, so needless to say, it was blatantly obvious that he cared about how pleasant he made himself to be looked at. The tight tee drew my eyes towards the upper half of his body, but when he started walking away, a full body scan was conducted and grey sweatpants and all, I have to say he was sexy AF. So although I believe that getting dressed is still an important quality, you can bring a pair to change into when it’s time to get comfortable. Just sayin.

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We love you, all of you, even if sweatpants are your thing.


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