EP32 Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

Unless it’s Daylight Savings time, then we squeak in an extra hour to make time for it. Or nah? No matter how much Time we have, it just doesn’t cut it. It’s either too much or too little. Mostly too little. Tis the season for feeling a little overwhelmed and not having enough time for anything. As the days get shorter, we somehow feel that we have less time for stuff as well. Time is like men, it can really fuck with your head. We don’t understand how it happens, but it does. There are 24 hours in every day. 60 minutes in every hour. 60 seconds in every minute. It’s constant. It NEVER changes. Yet, there are weeks that go by at a snail’s pace, taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R. And day’s that are over before you even get the chance to say boo.

Speaking of Boos, Halloween came and went without any major involvement. We tried to get it together, but apparently, we ghosted Halloween this year. I spent a split second participating as 90’s Brittany Spears, but like the song says, Oops, I did it again and found myself curbside waiting for an Uber long before the night was over. Thanks again, Time, for not sticking up for me when I needed you most. Where were you when I was putting them down faster than my body could keep up with? Yea, that’s right, probably checking out that sexy skeleton instead. Typical.

Eh, it was my own fault I guess. We haven’t been our typical selves, which would explain the lightweight behavior that went down, literally. Lesson probably not learned, but we should not allow ourselves to be left unattended. Thinking I could be the responsible one was probably my biggest mistake.

Even though this week felt forever long, it still wasn’t long enough. We did not have Time on our sides when trying to make memorable, juicy stories together. It’s time we get our game on. We made a pact to pick up the pace and figure shit out. Our game is weak, but our brand remains strong. We will be coming back hard, we even switched to hard liquor to enhance the movement. As we wine, (ehh I meant whine…Freudian slip) about all the things we didn’t do on this week’s episode, keep in mind that we have plans to give it to you good in the near future. Make sure to follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss a second, and keep on listening on iTunes and YouTube. Subscribe, rate, you know the drill. Comments encouraged, good, bad, and ugly.

We hate Time. We love you.



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