EP 33 Don’t Buy Us Flowers

Ever. Buy us food. For real. If there is anything we love more than drinking, it’s eating. We obviously have issues, and maintaining shit is one of them. We don’t want to have to worry about changing vase water or adding flower food, or even finding a vase to put the damn flowers in to begin with. They’d just end up on the side of the sink in a just-dumped Big Gulp cup and become a constant reminder of how irresponsible we are that we can’t even keep 7 day flowers alive past day 3. Besides, it’s the little things that matter most to us. Like the return of Long Island Restaurant week. An annual tradition for us to use as a way to try out a restaurant we normally wouldn’t dine at, and usually one that’s a little classier than our local pub. Although we love our $5 burgers and wing night, it’s nice to wine and dine with the option of flat or sparkling water every once in a while. Restaurant Week led us to Bayshore’s Main St., and ironically went to two places that weren’t even on the list. But hey, we got motivated to go out, so whatever.

We’re trying to fight through the retrograde we’ve been in and get back in the game. This week we managed another adventure. Saturday night had us headed to NYC’s garment district in a 10 passenger van. After a couple of games of “Would you Rather?” and “Never Have I Ever” we made it there in one piece and a little buzzed. Rattle N Hum left us singing piano tunes and trying to dissect a $500 bar bill, but we survived and slept off the 6 watered down Tito’s on the way home. We love NY.

And I love emojis. If I could speak emoji all day I would. Eye roll says so much.

Listen to this week’s episode to get the low down on how we’re (not) getting down lol.

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We love you! ❤

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