EP34 Man Up.

Literally. Like get a man. Just don’t tell anyone about it. And definitely don’t post about it either. Keep them guessing. Why spread the word when you are just going to have to explain yourself, only to have to tell a whole other story a couple of days later.
Social stalking is a thing, and it’s gotten a little out of control. Your closest friends will watch what you do and make assumptions about your life. And, there is NOTHING you can do about it. Well, there is one thing…DON’T POST ANYTHING. We all use social platforms to share what’s going on in our lives, and sometimes we share stuff that we know will create imaginative stories in people’s minds. It’s a passive aggressive outlet to tell people off in a P*$$yish kind of way. Most of the time, we are well aware of the ideas we are putting into people’s heads, and that’s some kind of f*$^%&ed up psychological warfare. But we do it anyway. We are all a bunch of mind fuckers.
Even to ourselves. Like WTF?!? We publicly verbalize that we are looking for love, yet when the possibility of it landing in our laps arises, we change the subject. Fast.
The holidays are coming.
See? How’d you like that fast one?
But seriously though, back to the beginning. We have become what others want to think about us because of all the shit we put out there. If you don’t want people to see you a certain way, you shouldn’t post anything. Ever. Period. So remember the social posting etiquette before you go and turn your fairy tale into a nightmare. Listen to this week’s episode to get the low down on how to introduce your relationships to the world through any social media outlet. How you want to introduce yourself is totally up to you!

Speaking of introducing, we are now on two additional platforms for you to listen through, Spotify, Stitcher and Tune in. Click one of the links below to check it out. As usual, you can find us on iTunes and YouTube as well. Pick your poison, or hopefully for us, your pleasure!
Keep in touch, we love hearing from you guys! Why? Because we love you!



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