EP 35 ‘Tis the Season

It has officially begun. Santa has arrived at the mall. Parades have been watched. Turkey has been carved. The final countdown of 2018 is on. This should be fun.

Before we got in over our head, being inside our heads, we took a timeout trying out some floatation therapy. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, floating is a thing. It sounds completely crazy and insane, but apparently, the benefits are so worth it. Floating 101: you take every inch of clothing off, including your hair tie, and you put your self into a salt water pool that is completely dark and soundproof. Oh yea, for 90 minutes. I have a severe case of ADD at times, and sitting still in the dark- I mean COMPLETE dark- for an entire hour and a half was a little difficult for me. My mind did its thing, the thing it always does when I am sitting with nothing to do- it ran a million miles a minute trying to think all the thinks it could. And then I had enough. I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

That was me, however, the other one loved it. Loved it so much she’s checking off her Christmas to do list with gifting floats. I wish I loved it too. I guess it’s just not my week.

Cuffing season is also in full force, and one of us is feeling that weight. Both figuratively and literally, if you catch my drift. Sexting fills in the time-distance continuum to make sure that the shit stays fire.

I’m going to make you listen for the rest. This week’s episode bounces around a bit but reveals some serious questions. Hit us up, slide into our DMs and come on over to share your version of what this winter shit is doing to you.

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We love you more than a turkey loves getting pardoned by Trump. Peace!



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