EP37 Here comes Santa Claus


EP 37

Tis the season to be overwhelmed. With everything. Between spending money we don’t have, seeing people we never see, going places we don’t want to go, and dealing with weather that won’t let us dress the way we want.

It’s also the season of believing, and believe it or not, neither one of us has been in the mood for drinking lately. Unfortunately, that hasn’t done our tolerance game good. And the fact that we still think we can drink Godzilla under the table has not done our wallets good either. But it has helped keep our blackout game strong. Just like winter solstice.

This week we discuss the holiday happening plus 1 etiquette and how to go about bringing new beaux to meet Auntie Barb. Although we really have no right to comment on anything relationship because we just can’t seem to knock down our walls long enough to even get a peep at what one might look like. We’re sure some of you are out there in the same boat and might be wondering the same things: What might we have to do if we had a significant other? Maybe one day we will know.



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