EP 40 WTF We Gonna do in 2019?!


We all have goals, lists, things we want to do, but quite frankly, how many of us do shit?

This week we found the Alamo, walked the river, tested west coast burgers and played some games. Cause that’s how we do. Yup, that’s right, how we do. We do. So when we tried to come up with things we need to do in 2019, it wasn’t that easy.

Cause we know we’re gonna do and you should too. Make a list, fuck checking it twice, just check the shit off. Get it done. Like Nike-just do it.

Here’s to all the shit we did in 2018. And thanks for sticking with us through it all. We love you, and can’t wait for you to join us on our future endeavors. Happy New Year loves! Let’s do this!


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