EP 41 Netflix is the Real Life Bird Box

ep 41 cover

If not, it has to be something. Netflix is killing it like Cardi B lately. The movies have A-list celebs. The docu-series are edgy. And the shows are damn funny. And I’m sure they like it like that. No one has a clue what’s going on in the real world because they are all glued to their T.V.’s watching some Apocalyptic movie- when in truth-the apocalypse could be happening right outside their doors.  The movie not only took over living rooms but also every godforsaken social media platform immediately following its release. IDK. That has to mean something.

While Bird Box was winning America over, we were winning a Big Box of our own. So just in case, you were wondering, those Instagram contests you see that ask you to tag a friend in the comments, well, they are legit. We got a nice big box full of some of our favorite things: Beer and no hangover to go with it. Our friend at Happy Hour Vitamins sent us a variety of Southern brewed beer and some Happy Hour Vitamins to prevent the hangover that would most likely come with drinking them. And woooo freaking hooo!!

So take a listen, we’ll love you forever! (and you’ll find out why there are baby octopuses in our cover photo)

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