EP 43 Hold on while I overthink this…

ep 43 cover

And then distract ourselves with the ghosts that decided to show up, again. Why is it that when you have something good-enough, you can get swayed by someone who never thought you were good enough? It’s near impossible to avoid self-sabotage when you can’t seem to get a grip on what’s good for you. Or not good for you. Or feels good but it’s so bad, and you know it’s so bad, but you do it anyway.

And that my friends is how the overthinking begins.

This week we totally detoured off topic, and the podcast took on a mind of it’s own. Pretty much just like our own minds do when we try and start to rationalize our lives. Which, in case you haven’t noticed are totally irrational.

Before I go off on another tangent, just tune in to this week’s episode of Wine Liars and Beer and please, feel free to offer your own two cents.

Love you guys!

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