EP 44 Talk Dirty to Me

ep 44

Only so we can get the low down on how it’s done. We are asking for it, so give it to us hard. Beyond the basics. Let’s move past second base 🍑✋ basic talk like, “I want you so bad right now” 🙄 to something more ridiculously provocative like “I want to make you…” 👅🍆💦 (I can’t even 😂😂😂) Please help. We need the professionals out these to give us a course in Dirty Talk 101. There are lots of advantages to using naughty words in your discourse with your D. According to Jason Derulo, getting down with the dirty talk will get your number saved as ‘Big Booty’, which is kind of exciting in itself. We want the real deal, not creepy climb into your DMs and make ourselves seem slutty talk. Although, we heard being called a dirty slut is somewhat of a turn on for some.

Slide on in to Episode 44 where it is so blatantly obvious that we are in desperate need of some direction. Well at least one of us is.

And as always, we look forward to your feedback!



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