EP 45 How to Pick up a Guy IRL

Or at least try to. How to meet people in this crazy world is always an underlying question. We try to tackle it and get you some answers. But don’t tackle a guy, he might find that a little too aggressive. Step One: get yourself out there. And out of your circle. It’s easy to avoid rejection, but difficult to strike up a conversation with a potential date.

The rest you’ll have to listen to.

And of course we had to give our own two cents about this whole Fyre Festival situation. Burning question: How the actual fuck do you convince people to hand over all of that money? We’d really like to know.  So Billy McFarland, hit us up. You and Ja Rule can school us any time!

We also have some big news! We have set up shop at Etsy to give you all the goods. Visit our store at http://www.wineliarsandbeer.etsy.com and check it out often as we will be adding new swag on the regular.

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Until next week! Love ya!


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