EP 52 The anatomy of a hangover


It’s the thing that reminds you that you must have done something, you just can’t remember what it is. It is that feeling of despair that creeps up in your gut letting you know that something isn’t right. It is not always curable with Advil and Gatorade. Because OTC’s cannot fix the damage that has possibly been done to your dignity.

This week we question exactly what happens in our brains when we have alcohol-induced blackouts. What scientific reasoning allows us to continue talking, dancing and wait for it…DRINKING when we already have no idea it is happening? Or do we? Well according to the professional brain analyzers, we do. For a second. Maybe. If we are lucky. Blacking out has become a thing for one of us and it’s starting to get a little eerie. It’s not one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor for us. No. No. It is one shot, two shot, three shot…I’m hot. Like on fire. Like we run shit. We just don’t remember any of it happening.

Click the link below to take a listen, or head over to iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher and listen there. Whatever you choose, help some sisters out and slide on into our DM’s or send us a Tweet, as usual…we need some serious help.

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