EP 56 Just Roll With It

With any luck, you are all recovering from some kind of fun. There was lots to celebrate this past week, including the famed 4/20. Although we are far from experts on the subject, we are always looking for a good time, and what is more fun than hanging out with our heads in the clouds (of smoke).

There is so much to learn about cannabis. And so many forms of marijuana to choose from. Nicknames like Mary Jane and Ganja and Trees are no longer the only variable associated with smoking.  With legalization spreading across the US, we have access to a larger variety of options than we ever had before. The thing is, we aren’t exactly sure what we are getting into. Wax, vape, cookie, gummy, or the standard old fashioned flower, or accidental contact what is the best way to get high?

We didn’t plan on this topic but rolled with it. As always we are down for your input. So give us a shout out, or slide into our DMs or leave a comment below.

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