EP 58 Cinco de Drunkos

Despite the Cinco de Raino weather, the streets were filled with more than puddles. There were girls trying to beat up guys. Clothes falling off. And people falling down Sombrero donning millennials danced in the street and hip hop blared from bass pumping speakers. And lucky for us we got to witness it all.

Although the margaritas were strong, and it was definitely getting heated in the joint, we did not get on the level of those who took one too many $2 shots. We were too classy for that today. Unfortunately.

Something came over us this week. We dined at a fancy restaurant. Sat in on an intellectual conversation. Wore pretty dresses and smiles at a bridal shower. Had a snuggled up Saturday together on the couch. Got glammed up on a Sunday. Didn’t send one “You Up?” text all week. Who are we?

I don’t know, but we are slacking for sure.
The stars say Mercury is in Taurus, which means communication is on fleek. We will be watching our DMs closely. If all goes well, we should be receiving some opportunities for stories this week. Keep an eye on yours as well, if you get anything good, be sure to let us know! We’re down to see who’s sliding in your DMs!

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