EP59 Nothin’ But Some Cross Poddination

If you’re freaked out and you know it clap your hands. We just couldn’t help ourselves. Crazy shit happens when we hang out with these guys. A couple of weeks ago we drove on over to hang out with the guys from the 6th Borough Podcast. We laughed and laughed. And talked and talked and talked some more that our butts got cut of. I know. Not surprised. Regardless of us overstaying our welcome, between the beer, bourbon, and boys, we had our selves a blast. Unlike our typically projected opinions, we love these guys. Time is an enigma when we chill with them and our conversations, well, they’re puzzles that need to be pieced together as well. We have such a good time with them that we wanted to share our experience with you. This week our episode is a lie. We stole it. But we think you’ll love it. So enjoy.

If you love them as much as we do, while you head over to iTunes, Spotify or YouTube to rate, review, and subscribe to our podcast, be sure to give 6th Borough the same kind of love

Until next week, love yall!

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