EP 69…WTF Are We?!

ep 69

Well, I wouldn’t say that either of us is having a hot girl summer when it comes to the guy department.  One of us may be doing it luke warm, at best.  There has to be something going on with the moon, stars, sun, venus, mars…whatever we can blame our insanity on this week!  We are emotional and in some sort of way right now.  Tears are happening, people are being called assholes (maybe for no reason), and my blood just seems to be at the same temperature…boiling.  When is it the appropriate time to say WTF?!

I am move involved in my college friends relationship than I am in any of my own…like REAL involved. Take a listen to this weeks episode to hear the lowdown on this story and all the emotions that go along with it.  All we can say is…WTF?!

This too shall pass…but in the mean time make us feel better and say nice things to us! We love hearing from you! Do make sure to drop us a comment or slide into our DMs! @wineliarsandbeer

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